The best FREE apps you won’t be able to stop playing

How do you know which apps are fun and which ones are just a waste of time?

The best FREE apps you won’t be able to stop playing

It seems like there is a new game craze every week.   You know about them because your friends send you invites or brag about their achievements on social media. Depending if you’re an apple or android user there are about 19,000 new apps that get released every month! So how do you know which ones are fun and which ones are just a waste of time? Well, it just depends on the type of game you like to play.

Puzzle – These games are great for all ages. They focus around solving some sort of objective that you have to use your brain to work through. Usually involving cartoony graphics and shapes to test your logic.

Trivia – Who doesn’t like showing their friends they are smarter? Trivia apps are usually turn based question and answer style games. Playing against random opponents or against your friends is fun and exciting. The best part is you will learn some new facts while you’re at it.

Casino – Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and more. These types of games let you play all the big-time casino games right on your phone – without the risk of losing real money. These games are surprisingly thrilling. You’ll have a bank of ‘play chips’ in your account and as your stash grows you’ll be able to play higher stakes games and climb the ranks into more competitive matches.

Strategy – Take command and work your way through tactical puzzles. These apps can be like games of chess only with more to do and cool graphics. Play against people all around the world and have fun becoming top dog!

When you do find a fun game app, it can be a great stress relief after a busy day at work or it can help you pass the time waiting in lines or for appointments.  We’ve collected a list of the most addicting, and highest reviewed FREE game apps out there right now. We’ve tried hundreds of apps and these ones are guaranteed to be hours of fun: