The Best App to conserve your Android Data Usage

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The Best App to conserve your Android Data Usage

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Mobile data is expensive, and since most of the ‘unlimited’ plans are no longer available, most people have to subscribe to a limited data plan. All of the data that you use can result in extra charges that you probably prefer not to pay for. Android users should download the Onavo app immediately.

How Onavo Works
Onavo routes all your internet-related actions through its servers, where data is compressed before being sent to your device. There are browsers, like Opera, that do this is as well. But with Onavo, it’s not just your web browsing data that gets compressed; it’s all of your app data.

Your privacy and security is not really a concern when using Onavo. Onavo’s system runs on Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers. Multiple layers of security protect its servers, and nothing is stored on them except for anonymous metadata.

Setup and Performance
Setting up the Onavo app is super easy. Simply download the app from the Play Store. The app installs a configuration profile on your device, which redirects your web connection through Onavo’s proxy.

Once installed, you can change a many of the configuration options to your liking. For example, you can set how much quality you’ll let Onavo sacrifice when it compresses images. You can also choose to not compress email. Other than some of these optional customizations, Onavo is fully working in just a few minutes.


Overall, Onavo worked flawlessly throughout our tests. Quality of images is only slightly diminished when you leave the app on the default compression settings. Regular text on websites is unaffected by the compression. The overall internet speed was slightly slower but really not worth mentioning.

Onavo lets you understand how you use your data so you can control usage. You can see what apps use your data and how much. When you utilize the compression feature, you can reduce your data usage by up to 500%. This is truly a great app that every Android user should try out – especially because it’s FREE

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