Movie Review: Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

The friendzoned version of The Fault in Our Stars and why that’s not a bad thing

Movie Review: Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

I bet those of you who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars are either excited for the prospect of another movie romanticizing a terminal disease or making assumptions that this movie won’t even compare to depth, romance, and sadness that Stars had to offer. Then there are those who hated The Fault in Our Stars and are probably going to avoid this movie to avoid the before mentioned Fault in Our Stars fanatics. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned The Fault in Our Stars this many times before (shit, did it again!) Rest easy fellow readers, I got this covered. Here are reasons why everyone should give this movie a chance when it comes out in a theater near you.


Warning: The following thoughts are coming from someone who hated The Fault in Our Stars. You have been warned and no I’m not a hipster, just a realist.

1. Friends > Baes (what the fuck does this word even mean?)

Here’s the thing. Cancer sucks! It really does. I watched it take over my grandmother’s life and for me to watch a movie about an attractive guy and an attractive girl talk pretentiously about a pretentious book, and have a pretentious relationship that they deem as true love……yeah it really PISSED ME OFF! There’s this notion in the world that the only love worth having or striving for is of a romantic nature. When shit gets real though, let me remind you that it’s your family and friends who will be there for you more than your significant other who will most likely abandon you because “they need to think about their future because you don’t have yours anymore.” So here’s another movie about dealing with cancer and I only went for it because it’s free and I’m cheap as hell that way, but I ended up loving this. I know exactly why that’s the case, it was more realistic because it showcased how friends and family deal with the idea of losing a loved one, not your hot boyfriend/girlfriend. Let’s face it, in real life, if you looked like Shailene Woodley, you’d easily get a hot hunk wanting to fuck your brains out and call it love; even if you had a terminally ill disease because he can say “I hit that.” Anyone ever notice how Hazel never really looked sick? God forbid someone still loves her when she doesn’t look attractive. Here you get to see the disease actually take a toll on someone as well as the people around them; emotionally and PHSYCALLY. Don’t be afraid to get ugly Hollywood! Don’t even get me started on the kiss in Anne Frank’s attic! I get it though, we tend to romanticize situations we can get ourselves into but I think it’s important to stop and notice that’s not the only support we need to get through things. You have friends and family who are much more constant in your life than a significant other; that’s the harsh reality. I was so happy that this movie addressed that. They are aware that the audiences would expect something romantic to develop between the two leads, but the trailer quickly points out, this is absolutely not the case. Newsflash, guys and girls can be friends without the need to fuck each other. There is such a thing as enjoying someone’s company and being comfortable with one another without wanting to take your clothes off. Oh yeah, some people are going to hate me for everything I stated but realize it’s just an opinion honey, it’s not scripture (though it should be).


But seriously, give that family and friends love a chance and notice the difference. See how important their support can really be.

2. Movie maniacs are in for a treat

A huge plot in this movie revolves around two wannabe film-makers who take a movie, make the title bad, and then make the parody of the movie just as bad. Even if you’re a fan of the original movies, you’ll love the clever spins taken with their short parodies. Yes, there is a movie montage of their movie parodies and I’d advice for you to not eat your popcorn while watching this. As delicious as popcorn is, this would be a choking hazard particularly during this scene, because you will laugh your freaking asses off. Actually, you might wanna skip popcorn altogether for this movie it has a lot of laugh out loud moments. The real LOL people, not the “I need to pretend I found this funny” lol. I realize The Fault in Our Stars had its funny moments too, and I did laugh but who are we kidding, it was pretentious as fuck. Kids that age, DO NOT talk like that. The dialogue used for the comedy here though is more quirky and believable, therefore funnier (and less pretentious). Can you just tell how much I loved The Fault in Our Stars? Also if it means anything to you, this movie was received with a standing ovation at Sundance, won the US Grand Jury prize, and also the Audience Award.

not bad

3. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was life” – Greg Gaines from Me & Earl & The Dying Girl

Let’s face it, life can be a bitch, but sometimes it can also be a cute little puppy that you can look forward to everyday. There’s no black or white, good or bad. Life is just life. A beautiful mesh of grey (not 50 shades of it you perverts!) that blends in the good and the bad. This movie explores this beautifully and you’ll experience everyday joy and struggles by sitting in the theater for about 2 hours. You’ll laugh really hard and you’ll cry your eyes out, sometimes both at the same time. So basically this will be you in the cinema:


Another issue I had with The Fault in Our Stars was that the sadder scenes were intentional and filmed in such a way that there was a real quick break for you to grab your tissues or sob out loud. It didn’t feel organic at all. I could imagine the director nudging you from behind the camera, begging you to cry, and if you didn’t you’re basically going to be considered a heartless human being. He’s all *nudge* nudge*wink*wink* “Go on and cry, you know you want to”


I didn’t cry by the way, I laughed at how obvious it was. Yes I was the one who probably joined your boyfriends in laughing at the stupidity of the whole situation on screen. I did cry while watching Me & Earl & The Dying Girl and here’s why; this movie was more organic because of that balance between happiness and sadness. Life is not a perfect ratio of both and no one has the same amount of each in their lives. All the characters reflected that philosophy beautifully, something that other movie never did. When dealing with serious issues, it’s important to make them as realistic as you possibly can whilst making it entertaining. Am I getting too philosophical? Just watch the damn movie to understand what I mean.

If you want a more realistic yet entertaining take on how much life can suck, or you’re just a fan of movies in general, Me & Earl & The Dying Girl is the movie for you and I hope you give it a chance when it comes to theaters near you.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars