I played Farmville 2 for a FULL WEEK

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I played Farmville 2 for a FULL WEEK
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When it comes to mobile games, I typically download one and play it for a day or two after which it sits on my home screen for a month before I delete it. Either because the game itself doesn’t grab my interest or I simply forget it about. This time I decided that I would play Farmville 2: Country Escape for a FULL WEEK. Here are the results:

Day 1: I downloaded the Farmville 2: Country Escape on my iPhone and started playing. Within a few minutes I had a couple of wheat fields and a mill to make flour. My first impression is this game looks great. The graphics and colors are excellent and it looks really fun to play. Through the day I got the basics down and had it in my mind that I would have a HUGE farm in no time.


Day 2: I wake up and remember that I had some stuff building in the game that had a long build time. I was excited when I open the game and realize these items were completed and I can take over where I left off. I made it to level 9 or so this day and expanded my farmlands a bit.

Day 3: I’m seriously getting a little hooked on Farmville 2: Country Escape. I can see all the cool stuff that I will someday be able to build, if I can keep leveling up. My leveling was going slow because I hadn’t been doing the ‘objectives’ that give you more points. Instead, I was simply harvest crops and selling them in the marketplace where other players buy them.

Day 4: This day was a huge leap for my farm. The larger my farm gets the more stuff I have to do to maintain it. I now have dogs, chickens, and cows. Before today I was just playing the game as I was in line at the store or on a break at work. Now I’m finding myself playing it more often. When I get home from work, I’m playing this game instead of watching TV.

Day 5: Okay it’s a little frustrating that my farm could be so much bigger and better if I just buy some coins. But I’ve decided to try to earn all my coins without additional purchases. It’s really not that hard to pull of, it just takes a little more time.


Day 6: Now I have goats, sheep, and am working my way to having a pig. This game is seriously fun. I’m spending way to much time playing it though. I feel like it’s taking over my life.

Day 7: Last day of my Farmville 2: Country Escape challenge. My farm is kicking serious ass. I have tons of animals, and lots of land. It’s weird to say but I feel a bit accomplished. I got my pig and my barn is huge! I caved and bought $0.99 worth of coins last night. It was a big help. I expanded my farm and added much more structures and crops.

Farmville 2: Country Escape is super fun. I never really played the Facebook version back when it was really popular; but did see what it was all about. This version, for iPhone and android, seems to be much better. I would recommend this game to anyone that needs a new fun game to play to pass the time. After 7 days of playing, I don’t think I’ll stop here. There is still much more that I could do.

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