Farmer would rather play Farmville than actually farm

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Farmer would rather play Farmville than actually farm
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Henry Powell took over the family farm for his father 15 years ago. The hard work, he said, was starting to weigh on him, but he kept it going because he simply loved the sense of accomplishment that farming gave him. But, waking up early to complete his never ending list of chores like planting crops and milking the cows was leaving Henry exhausted and downright miserable.

Henry the Farmer

“I just wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to continue the farming lifestyle much longer,” he says.

Then, as if a God himself heard Henry’s prayers, an oil company approached Henry. They wanted small strips of his land so they could run pipe for their fracking efforts. They offered him a lump sum of money and a monthly commission plan. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for Henry to get by.

“The oil company offered me just enough money so that my bills are mostly paid and I have food on the table for my family,” Henry says.

Last year he continued to farm but on a smaller scale. When asked why he even bothered Henry replied, “I just loved to farm, what can I say.” That is until his wife bought him a smart phone for Christmas.

Henry downloaded Farmville 2: Country Escape for his new iPhone and hasn’t put it down since. He says, “It’s like this game was made for me! I love farming but I hate waking up early, getting dirty, and dealing with all the stresses that come with farm life. Now, I can sit on my couch and farm until my hearts content.”

“Henry’s mood and general health has improved significantly since he started farming on his cell phone rather than in the fields. He has more time for the family and he never smells of cow manure,” boasts Henry’s wife.farmer-2

Henry says he is done with real world farming all together and that he is perfectly content with virtual farming on Farmville 2: Country Escape. Henry has never been happier and he is thinking about selling off more of his land since he no longer has a user for it.

“This game has just been incredible to me. I couldn’t imagine going back to real farming after experiencing the thrills of virtual farming,” says Henry.

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