Apple Watch – Will there be games?

Apple Watch – Will there be games?

Lots of people seem to be either really excited about the new Apple Watch or not interested at all. The new watch is packed with features but you may be wondering if you can count on spending hours on your watch playing the kinds of games you’ve come to love on your mobile.

Well, Apple didn’t say anything at all about gaming when the unveiled the new Apple Watch in early March. The good news is that game developers are starting to appear in headlines where they talk about concentrating their efforts on wearable devices; specifically smart watches, including the new Apple Watch.

But what kind of games could we possibly play on a tiny smart watch screen? On the watch itself there will be a “digital crown,” which is the dial. There is a button and the screen itself is obviously a touch screen. I think it’s safe to say that there are enough controls to play any game that used an Atari style paddle.   All you need is the dial and a button… right?

But will people actually play them? That’s the real question. There were games on the old classic iPods but I honestly can’t recall every playing or witnessing someone playing one. So maybe gaming will take a step back with the wearable devices. Snake and Pong might have their revival.

What do you think?